A Tribute to Martyn Hett, Our LGBTQ Brother Lost in Manchester

It’s been a few days now since the tragic bombing in Manchester. Names of those killed or injured are being made public but we wanted to take this opportunity to use our voice to pay tribute to one of our LGBTQ brothers tragically killed in the attack, Martyn Hett.

No one here at LGBTQ Heritage personally knew Martyn but many of us knew of his special spark, being viewers of his YouTube Channel. Being only 29, Martyn’s star was firmly on the rise – what can only be described as a vivacious beacon that naturally drew people to him with his zest for life.

An advocate of LGBTQ rights, Martyn showed his own outpouring of emotion after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando last year saying:  “My heart is still breaking for the victims and their families but it’s been refreshing to see so much community spirit and support in the wake of it all.” We think his own words echo true today in remembering what has recently happened in Manchester – no elaboration needed.

Community spirit is definitely something that the British people are amazing at doing in times of crisis. In the immediate aftermath of the the tragedy, stories emerged of taxi drivers just picking people up and getting them away from the area, people tweeting out that they lived close to the scene and could provide refuge. With such a heavy heart writing about this it’s so good to know that their is genuine compassion in the world. Martyn saw it in the times of another tragedy and we’re sure he would be proud of the way the community is coming together to  guide one another through this crisis.

Martyn, you were a light in so many peoples lives and your flame continues to burn bright in the wonderful legacy you left in your short time on this earth. You are now part of our history, our LGBTQ Heritage, the strides you helped to make in your advocacy are an integral part of the puzzle and we will all be forever grateful for the love you brought into this world. Peace, Love, Harmony.

Love Always,

The LGBTQ Heritage Team.


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