Why Do Straight, White, Christian, Conservative Men Care so Much About LGBTQ Rights? (And Not in a Good Way)

Whether it’s overtly doing nothing, such as when President Reagan chose to ignore the rapid spreading of HIV/ AIDS in the early 1980’s, or whether it’s overtly campaigning against LGBTQ rights, such as when President Bush Jr. wanted to ban same-sex marriage by an amendment to the US Constitution; straight, white, Christian, conservative men seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the LGBTQ Community.

Let us first tackle the issue of religion. No pure Christian can proclaim anything but love for the LGBTQ Community, which inevitably leads to the conclusion that no leading member of the Republican Party is a pure Christian. They use bible quotes to condemn our ‘lifestyle’ while conveniently ignoring the teachings of Jesus to love one another. I am convinced that if Jesus met an HIV positive gay man that he would embrace him, speak with him, listen to his story, give him food and learn from him.

This is the fundamental difference between modern Christian conservatives and the true teachings of the New Testament. Only from listening and speaking to one another can true understanding evolve. Maybe the members of the republican party screaming to deny LGBTQ people their civil rights should start reading the New Testament from the beginning and only then be able to engage in a meaningful dialogue.

Secondly, let’s move on to the subject of constitutionally protected rights, particularly the ‘Bill of Rights’. The same people that cry for absolute protection of their right to keep and bear arms are the same pushing for limitations to be set on freedom of speech, freedom of expression and equal protections for LGBTQ people. The crux of of their argument is that when the Bill of Rights was written, the authors did not include LGBTQ people as this group of people would not even have entered their minds when writing the clauses. They cite that liberals are looking to move the goalposts away from the true meaning of the constitution.

Obviously this argument doesn’t stand at all as if you apply the same logic to the Second Amendment, it would have been repealed a long time ago. The Constitution was written to stand the test of time and the job of the federal courts is to interpret the constitution in a modern context. The constitution has proven to be on our side time and time again as illustrated in the Supreme Court cases of the unconstitutionality and repealing of California’s Proposition 8, DOMA and the extension of Same-Sex marriage to all 50 states in the US.

So why so these straight, white, Christian, conservative men Care so much about LGBTQ rights or the repealing thereof? Quiet honestly, we have no idea. They don’t seem to be happy unless they are persecuting some group in society. It’s slightly ironic that the party that advocates for less ‘Big Government’ and less government control is the one seeking to gain the most control over civil rights.

What was once the land of the free seems to be turning in to the land of contradictions. In short, stop caring so much about how other people live their lives and sort out the genuine problems.

Love Always,

The LGBTQ Heritage Team


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