Not Going to North Carolina in my Mind

In the famous words of James Taylor “there ain’t no doubt on no one’s mind that love’s the finest thing around…” so why can’t North Carolina seems to live by this beautiful philosophy and continually appears to be hell-bent on discriminating against the LGBTQ community?

You would think that the backlash from the rest of the country after the initial passing the the now infamous ‘Bathroom Bill’ would have been a signal to the law makers of the State that they were on the wrong track. However, they persevered and lost the State millions of dollars in revenue from business that withdrew from the State as well as major sports franchises and entertainment events.

The baffling thing to us is the dogged determination of the right wing in North Carolina to systematically destroy civil rights, the economy, and their reputation all because they care too much about who took a leak in the same space as them. We just can’t get our head around why people care so much.

‘Lack of Education’ can be an excuse for a lot of people’s blind ignorance but you educate people who don’t want to learn. Did they speak to Trans people before making the policy? Obviously not. Did they consider that both men’s rooms and women’s rooms  all have stalls to use so that privacy is ensured and they probably would never know they are sharing a bathroom with a Trans person? Of course not!

Then the 2016 election came and went. A new governor was sworn in, he swore to repeal the bathroom bill. He didn’t. Then state legislators proposed to make same-sex marriage illegal – thankfully the powers that be saw sense and didn’t give this a hearing. What is the problem in North Carolina? Don’t they realize that their continuing narrow-mindedness is just going to make people more angry.

This is the 21st Century – we’re here, we’re queer – get over it!

Love always,

The LGBTQ Heritage Team


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